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Hoozi.com is the window of the Hoozi Resources team to the internet. We are dedicated towards spreading the word of education. Through this website we try to write some technical articles that may be useful to others.

This effort can be considered as a vote of thanks to all those people out there who dedicated their time and effort to educate other people by writing down whatever knowledge they acquired in their lifetime in books or in web pages. It was due to their precious effort that many students all around the world could learn. Here we remember all of those great men and women with gratitude.

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We have changed the look and feel of the website to promote a more community driven approach in the site. Suggestions and reviews are invited. As the number of users increase, we will give more options to interact, discuss and collaborate. Give us your feedbacks here.

Help us improve by submitting articles and source code in the site. Our editors will review the submissions and update the site. You can also send programming puzzles to us with/without solutions. Contact us at hoozi.com@gmail.com

You can submit anything like technical articles, source code, HTML/CSS templates, graphics, links etc.

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