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Banana Chess – Application with source code in VB

This is a chess game written in Visual Basic 6.0. The download contains source code also.
Author(s): Niyaz PK, Praveen Kumar, Arun Abraham Philip.
File Size: 126 KB
Click here to download Banana Chess.


AES Encrypt – Source code in C/C++ for AES Encryption

This is the source code for encryption/decryption using the latest AES algorithm. The main feature of thisĀ  program is not efficiency; it is simplicity and readability. Comments are provided as needed.
Author(s): Niyaz PK; File Size: 7.26 KB
Click here to download AES Encryption Source code.


Need For Snake – Classic Snake game. Application with source code in VB

Application with source code in VB for the classic snake game.
Author(s): Niyaz PK, Praveen Kumar
File Size: 60.6 KB
Click here to download Need For Snake.


Arranging Digits – Source code for the solution of the problem in C

The problem is described in the article: Programming problems: Arranging digits
Author(s): Niyaz PK
File Size: 400 Bytes
Click here to download the source code


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